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Documentation provided in the Woody CDs (should be fixed)

I have just taken a look at the latest image (I think it is, but it was
downloaded from a European mirror) of woody CDs. More precisely:

$ ls
00-INDEX                    constitution.txt       dedication-2.2.ja.txt
FAQ                         debian-keyring.tar.gz
TRANS.TBL                   debian-manifesto
bug-log-access.txt          dedication-2.2.cn.txt  dedication-2.2.txt
bug-log-mailserver.txt      dedication-2.2.de.txt  install
bug-mailserver-refcard.txt  dedication-2.2.es.txt  mailing-lists.txt
bug-maint-info.txt          dedication-2.2.fi.txt  package-developer
bug-maint-mailcontrol.txt   dedication-2.2.fr.txt  social-contract.txt
bug-reporting.txt           dedication-2.2.it.txt  source-unpack.txt

dedication-2.2 -> should be removed?

FAQ -> it is only provided in english however there are -es -fr -ja and
-ko debian-doc packages (the CVS seems not to have these but it does have
pt_BR and ru)

mailing-list.txt/social-contract.txt/constitution.txt (maybe all the .txt
files) -> they are already translated in the WWW server since the contents
are the same as web pages there, translated content is not provided.

install -> only links provided for english documentation, however the
install/doc directory contains other languages. Wouldn't it be better to
have doc/install a link to install/doc ?

Also please check Bug #58638. Even if the boot-floppies documentation is
translated to many languages I seem to find only a few (it,cs,da,ca).

IMHO this whole doc directory in the CDs (which is taken IIRC from the
ftp.debian.org site) should be completely reorganised. Proposed layout:

|- README (describes the layout and points to www.debian.org/doc/ for 
|          uptodate documentation and to www.debian.org/releases/stable)
|- README.XX (other languages describing the layout, similar content)
|- FAQ
|  |- en
|  |- es
|  |- it
|  |- ...
|- debian (current *.txt files, manifesto, constitution, information
|          specific to the debian project and distribution)
|  |- en
|  |- ... ( translations should be derived from WWW site)
|- package-developer
| (same layout as above it is currently a mess of formats and languages)
|- installation -> ../install/doc

	It is very important that the layout is language-independant
and that there is one directory for each language. All README files should
point to the relevant information and all README.XXX files should provide
relevant information on translated content and provide a pointer to the
original source (english) to those documents not translated.

	Yes, we are *almost* finished releasing but this issue has not
been tackled in the previous release and a reorganization (even if done
manually for this release and automated for the rest) should not take more
than a few hours (give me access and I will do it myself if no one can).

	Can this issue be tackled? (I expect many to say no :(

	Regards (and sorry for the cross-post)


PS: Since I do not want to become everyone's pain-in-the-ass and I did not
send this in before (too busy at work) I will not (for the moment) file
any RC bug report :)

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