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Re: Li18nux Locale Name Guideline Public Review

Tomohiro Kubota wrote:

> I found the 2nd public review of Li18nux Locale Name Guideline
> has started.
> http://www.hauN.org/ml/b-l-j/a/800/840.html
> http://www.li18nux.org/subgroups/sa/locnameguide/index.html
> The page says that comments are welcome until 14 Feb 2002.
> Any additions from Li18nux insiders?

Here are a few remarks from my side:

  87      All of the fields (i.e. LANGUAGE, TERRITORY, CODESET and MODIFIERS)
  88      shall be treated as case sensitive.

For users it's quite difficult to remember which field is uppercase or
lowercase.  It's easy to make a mistake.  I don't see a field where
there would be any confusion when case is ignored.  So why not ignore
case?  I know this makes it a bit more difficult for developers, but
that's a small price to pay for usability.

  114      If a two-letter code is not available in ISO 3166-1 for a territory,
  115      no standard value is defined for the territory.
  116      In order not to conflict with future extension of ISO 3166-1,
  117      user/implementation-defined values for the TERRITORY field shall
  118      include lowercase letters or consist of more than two letters.

Why not always require a non-standard code to be three (or more) letters?
That avoids a lot of confusion and will make it easy to detect a
non-standard name.

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