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Re: [I18n]Re: mlterm with BiDi support

On Wed, 26 Dec 2001, Tomohiro KUBOTA wrote:

> Enabling BiDi never make mlterm unusable for non-BiDi people.
> I cannot feel even speed down because of BiDi.  I think there are
> no reasons to disable BiDi.

Actually, I ran into an example where it seems to make a difference:

I use my modified bidi xterm (I took xterm-156 from mandrake 8.1, that
also had the i18n patch applied, My modification was to run
fribidi_log2vis with the base direction NEUTRAL (instead of LTR).

However, numbers can cause a strange behaviour:

# What I write:
$ echo 1 [2]
# What I get in the xterm (visual)
2] 1]

All of the characters are ASCII characters.

The reason I use NEUTRAL instead of LTR is because it makes more sense for
most uses. Otherwise I can't read long mainly-hebrew texts properly.

Tzafrir Cohen

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