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Re: [Fwd: localization of package descriptions]

Previously Andre Charbonneau wrote:
> please ask the apt and dpkg developer... (maybe
> debian-dpkg@lists.debian.org)

Ok, this is the very very last time I am going to say this. We have
already said this too many time and I'm getting extremely tired
of having to repeat myself over and over.

At this moment we do not know how it will be implemented. We are
aware that people want this and we are aware of (hopefully) most
of the issues involved in doing this. However in order to do this
we need some major changes inside dpkg itself and those simply have
not been done or fully designed yet. Only when those changes have
been made will we start thinking about how exactly localization of
package description will be done, and not any ealier.

Until them feel free to make translations and store them wherever,
so they can be merged at the moment dpkg will support metadata
localization. Asking us every week for an api, format or whatever
does not help, it will only delay things further and might award
you with an entry in my mailfilter.


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