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Re: UTF-8 Mutt

Marco d'Itri <md@Linux.IT>:

>  >My patched version of slang went into unstable recently. If it doesn't
>  >cause too many problems, maybe it will go into testing eventually, and
>  >maybe Debian's Mutt could then be linked with it instead of ncurses.
> I remember I switched from slang to ncurses to fix some display
> problems, so I'd like to hear some good arguments to change again.
> Do you know about the experimental UTF-8 support in ncurses 5.1?

I'll test it when I get a chance.

According to ncurses-5.2/INSTALL you have to configure with
--enable-widec and then you get a separate library libncursesw.so,
which is not binary-compatible with the usual library.

If we test this, and it works, how might it be packaged?

The obvious way is to include libncursesw.so in libncurses5 and link
mutt with it. However, it might be worth checking there isn't about to
be an upstream ncurses-5.3 that does things differently, and you might
want to put libncursesw.so in a separate binary package to keep
certain combinations of packages (such as the base system) smaller.

I've copying this to Daniel Jacobowitz, who maintains libncurses5.


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