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Re: Problem with iso8859 on xterm/with man(1)

> > 
> > man pages with ISO latin characters:
> > 
> > export LESSCHARSET=iso8859
> > 
> Hi,
> oddly enough, this still did not solve the problem. But you narrowed it
> down - it is not the terminal, but less(1) that cannot show the iso
> characters.
> Manually using gunzip -c <manpage.gz> | more shows iso-latin characters,
> using | less does not.
> So now we know the culprit. Is there an alternative package I can use
> for less? Or is the current version of less buggy?
> $ less --version
> less  version 332+iso242

I use most (export PAGER=most) besides more and less. But I have
no problems with any of them. Some times I was using
export LESSCHARSET=latin1 (even if I need latin2)
but wat solved my problem was to set up corectly the locales.

man -L de man shows 8bit characters.
I use less 358, more 5.19 (Berkeley 6/29/88), and most 4.9.0.

I hope this help.


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