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Re: Problem with iso8859 on xterm

At Sun, 13 May 2001 21:04:45 +0200 (CEST),
Cyrille Artho <cartho@silmaril.org> wrote:
> > > On Debian 2.2r3 (installed from scratch, up-to-date), I cannot see any
> > > iso_8859_1 characters on my xterm. All the other characters (ASCII set)
> > > appear fine, but the man iso_8859_1 page shows nothing.
> > 
> > check your /etc/locale.gen . If you did not run locale-gen,
> > iso8859-1 does not appear on your terminal.
> > 
> Hi,
> while I have an /etc/locale.alias, I do not have an /etc/locale.gen
> file. What format does it have? Man locale.gen showed no match.

Sorry, /etc/locale.gen only exist on the sid/woody.
Debian 2.2r3 does not have /etc/locale.gen...

Can you display ISO-8859-1 characters with `xfontsel' ?

> Also, all my locale settings are currently set to "POSIX". Should it be
> "en_US" instead?

"POSIX" is same as "C" locale.
"en_US" is different with "C"/"POSIX", but if you live on US, 
the difference is small.

> Finally, as a user, I would strongly appreciate if the standard
> installation would at least enable iso8859-1, or maybe ask the user, or
> possibly deduce from the time zone info what locale(s) the user might
> need. The latter works quite well for Europe, if a city is chosen.

That is debian-boot issue, but I agree with this.

I forgot the current sid boot-floppy is ready for the locale setting.
Do someone work it?

-- GOTO Masanori

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