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Re: [FIXED] French, German, and Spanish translations wanted for XFree86 debconf templates

Branden Robinson écrivait:
 > Sorry, damnit, I forgot to MIME-attach my existing templates files.
 > [I don't subscribe to any of these lists, so please CC any replies to me]
 > To make XFree86 configuration more accessible and friendly to Debian users,
 > I'd like to solicit translations for its debconf templates.  This procedure
 > has been begun, but is not yet complete.
 > I am writing to request volunteers to participate in this effort, as I am
 > not fluent in any languages other than English.
 > * Translations for any language are welcome, but I think French, German,
 >   and Spanish are the most important Western languages to ensure coverage
 >   of Debian users in the many countries where English is not the dominant
 >   language.
 > * Translations need to be written for languages where none exist.
 > * Translations need to be updated where they have become desynchronized
 >   with the English versions.  This is especially a problem for
 >   xserver-xfree86.templates.
 > * Choices fields in select and multiselect templates need to be translated,
 >   not just the descriptions.
 > Please file your translations as normal severity bugs with the Debian BTS
 > against the corresponding package.  Please MIME-attach the translation as
 > unified diff.  MIME-attaching is important so that stupid mailers (or the
 > BTS itself) don't mangle all the high-bit characters.
 > Many thanks in advance to those who can help make the XFree86 packages more
 > friendly for Debian users around the world.

if there is nobody on this, I propose to do that. 


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