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French, German, and Spanish translations wanted for XFree86 debconf templates

[I don't subscribe to any of these lists, so please CC any replies to me]

To make XFree86 configuration more accessible and friendly to Debian users,
I'd like to solicit translations for its debconf templates.  This procedure
has been begun, but is not yet complete.

I am writing to request volunteers to participate in this effort, as I am
not fluent in any languages other than English.

* Translations for any language are welcome, but I think French, German,
  and Spanish are the most important Western languages to ensure coverage
  of Debian users in the many countries where English is not the dominant
* Translations need to be written for languages where none exist.
* Translations need to be updated where they have become desynchronized
  with the English versions.  This is especially a problem for
* Choices fields in select and multiselect templates need to be translated,
  not just the descriptions.

Please file your translations as normal severity bugs with the Debian BTS
against the corresponding package.  Please MIME-attach the translation as
unified diff.  MIME-attaching is important so that stupid mailers (or the
BTS itself) don't mangle all the high-bit characters.

Many thanks in advance to those who can help make the XFree86 packages more
friendly for Debian users around the world.

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