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Re: Bug#95018: UTF-8 Patch breaks slrn display on UTF-8 terminal

There seem to be a whole bunch of problems with the utf8 slang
packages.  People are having trouble with slrn, lynx, etc.  Possibly
these packages just need to be recompiled but the following seems more

> On Sat, Apr 21, 2001 at 11:36:38PM +0200 , Jim Mintha wrote:
> > I just uploaded them.  (I just realized that i missed adding the
> > Closes, but I'll do it by hand)  Let me know if there are problems.
> there are. like debconf/whiptail segfaulting. Not evern recompile helps.
> Arguably it's a bug in newt, because it's not using the correct slang type
> defines, but still. It changes the API of slang, so every program using it,
> must be recompiled. Also querybts doesn't work
> 				Petr Cech

Any thoughts at what should be done?  Can these be fixed, or should we
make a seperate slang-utf8 package?


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