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Re: Bug#80458: Add fonts.dir for Chinese fonts (abiword 0.7.12)


At Thu, 1 Mar 2001 10:20:50 +0800,
ha shao wrote:

> gbk is a superset of gb2312. So gbk can substitute gb but not the otherway
> around. I worried about the difference b/w GBK-EUC-H
> and GB-EUC-H because i don't know how this will affect cross-distribution
> compatibility.  what will happen if a ps file saved under debian is
> printed on an turbolinux(cjk) or cle+redhat system? is it better if
> everyone adopt defoma?

Ask them to use Debian :)

I don't consider cross-distro compatibility is that important.
Generally it is hard to realize that all PCs have the same
image of a ps file generated under a certain PC using various
fonts available for the PC. 

BTW, we Japanese have defact standard PostScript font names
for Japanese characters: Ryumin-Light and GothicBBB-Medium.
If there're ones for Chinese/Korean characters and people
use only the defact fonts, cross-distro compatibility may be

Are there defact standard PostScript font names for Chinese/Korean?

Yasuhiro Take aka hirot / <take@debian.org>

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