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Re: debian and the linux-unicode HOWTO

> Frederic Seraphine <Frederic.Seraphine@inrialpes.fr>:
> > I just read the linux-UNICODE HOWTO to try to enable the unicode and utf8 
> > support and I wonders how I can fit it with debian.
> > 
> > I reckon that as it needs a glibc 2.2, muy only choice is to use 
> > unstable/sid. But as to configuration, choice of packages, is there a 
> > roadmap or somewhere I can't find the information ?
> It depends exactly what you want to do.

I use amaya to draft web pages, with the upcoming utf8 support in xhtmlin 
amaya, I wanted to be sure to be able to edit utf8 document in a text 
editor, like vim or emacs.

> I use Debian 2.2, but with UTF-8 xterms, Mutt with UTF-8 as its
> charset, and Emacs configured to work in UTF-8.

That's almost I want to do, just replace mutt by vim :-). And all this 
under x11.

> The main thing I don't have for all-round Unicode support is the
> latest X. I can only enter non-ascii characters by using Emacs's input
> methods, and copy and paste with the mouse tends not to work between
> different programs, though it does work between two xterms or within
> Emacs, or if you're only copying ascii, of course.

Ok, so apparently, there's not much to do except getting the utf8 enabled 

Thanks for the insight.

> P.S.
> Czech (Ä?esky)
> Japanese (���)
> Russian (РÑ?Ñ?Ñ?кий)
> EÄ¥oÅ?anÄ?o Ä?iuĵaÅ­de 


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