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Re: Bug#79530: locales: locale-gen generates locale-files with incorrect names

++ 13/12/00 11:55 -0500 - Ben Collins:
> On Wed, Dec 13, 2000 at 06:49:09PM +0300, nidd@debian.org wrote:
> > locale-gen generates incorrect locale-files. For example if I insert
> > this line:
> > ru_RU.KOI8-R KOI8-R
> > in /etc/locale.gen, it generates locale in /usr/lib/locale/ru_RU.koi8r
> > directory. Its not a bug of locale-gen, its a feature of
> > localedef, that "normalizes" locale names. This feature make life
> > hard from people with .charset locales (japanese .eucJP for eg.), 
> > because programs check directories with charset name in upper 
> > characters (for example qt, gtk and XFree86).  Me and Alexander 
> > Kotelnikov (sacha@debian.org), patched the locale-gen, so it works 
> > with such locales. Here it is:
> > 
> > <skip>
> I cannot implement this. Upstream claims that normalizing is part of the
> spec, and is the Right Thing, so I will not go against the grain here.
> Programs that try to read these files directly will need to take this into
> account and do the Right Thing themselves.

It seems that this is trouble not only for us russians, but for
japanese people. I'm Ccing this mail to debian-i18n and
debian-russian, if you don't know how many users have trouble with this
silly Drepper's ``Right Thing''. (BTW, in previous version of libc,
there was exception for ru_RU.KOI8-R and Makefiles generated KOI8-R,
not koi8r locale)

People ain't no good

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