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translating boot-floppies -- call for more updates

Ok, we are finally nearing the point where we will be able to make
practically (if not completely) internationalized boot-floppies.
If we can work out a few final kinks, boot-floppies (for i386 and
particpating porters) will be by default, internationalized.

To see what that's like (with some warts), see

Use the compact or idepci sets, which have the requisite framebuffer

This means that the messages for dbootstrap are suddenly rather useful
and practical and matter.  As the boot-floppies leader, I am sending
out this call for translators to update their translations, and keep
them updated.

I apologize for any frustration on the part of non-English speakers or
translators based on the fact that their translations have not been
part of the mainstream version for so long.

Based on what I can determine, these are the most untranslated
messages, from worst to best:

  it    last update: ?? prior to 1999-03-20
  sk    last update: ?? prior to 1999-03-20
  hr    last update: 1999-04-11 19:39  Matej Vela <matej@debian.org>
  tr    last update: 2000-02-07 06:23  Andreas Mueller <amu@tr.debian.net> 
  fi    last update: 2000-02-10 14:10  Tapio Lehtonen <tale@debian.org>
  eo    last update: 2000-06-07 16:41  Edmund GRIMLEY EVANS <edmundo@rano.org>
  fr    last update: 2000-06-17 21:52  Vincent Renardias <vincent@debian.org>
  cs    last update: 2000-06-19 06:00  Petr Cech <cech@debian.org>
  ja    last update: 2000-07-04 12:46  Keita Maehara <maehara@debian.org>
  es    last update: 2000-08-24 10:04  Enrique Zanardi <ezanard@debian.org>
  hu    last update: 2000-08-30 09:10  Risko Gergely <risko@njszki.hu>
  de    last update: 2000-09-11 09:58  Martin Schulze <joey@debian.org>

The following languages are up-to-date:


If a language is not listed here, and you would like to start that
translation, it's never too late.  We are still making updates for
Potato, and will soon be working on woody.

For information on accessing the boot-floppies CVS area and help for
translators, go to
and look at the newest versions of README-CVS and README-Translators,

.....Adam Di Carlo....adam@onShore.com.....<URL:http://www.onShore.com/>

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