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Re: [Groff] groff options /tmp/ll does not work any more?

> > I do not know if this is only on my unstable Debian machine but
> > 	groff -te -Tlatin1 -mandoc /tmp/ll -
> > no longer work. I am getting an empty string instead.
> > Am I missing something? Is there a work around?
> > 
> > zcat /usr/share/man/man1/ls.1.gz | groff -te -Tlatin1 -mandoc /tmp/ll -
> Has this ever worked?  groff tries to open /tmp/ll *and* the standard
> input which apparently fails.

Of course it used to work. It is taken from the TkMan (tkman.sourceforge.net) 

[19:38:16 tkman-2.1]$ grep -A6 LONGER Makefile 
# Marco Melgazzi (marco@techie.com) prefers LONGER MAN PAGE LINES 
# The following line adds an entry in Preferences/See to set the length.
# You must use groff and the "/tmp/ll" path for this feature to take effect.
# Lines are cached in .../man/cat<n>@<line-length>; 
#   that is, the line length is appended to the usual cache directory names
#manformat = {groff -te -Tascii -man /tmp/ll -}
#manformat = {groff -te -Tlatin1 -mandoc /tmp/ll -}
[19:38:21 tkman-2.1]$ 

I am not sure what exactly got written to "/tmp/ll" although it is very 
possibly that it was just a copy of stdout.

> What about this:
>   zcat /usr/share/man/man1/ls.1.gz | groff -te -Tlatin1 -mandoc > /tmp/ll
> (you can omit the `-' for standard input if you don't have another
> input file).

I assume this would break the app (TkMan) which expects its input via the pipe 
and probably need to know that its input is available in the file too. I guess 
the app needs the file to be able to seek it.

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