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Re: I18n of Packages files

* Marcin Owsiany in "I18n of Packages files" dated 2000/09/19 20:49
* wrote:

> I think one of the most important part of Debian system that is not
> i18ned is the packages descriptions. It is essential for the user to
> be able to choose the packages he/she needs.
> I suggest the following ($lang means two-letter language code):

I think $lang would have to be more than just the two-letter language
code. It should be fully descriptive of the language, locale, and
encoding, for example, vi_VN.viscii is different than vi_VN.tcvn, just
as ja_JP.sjis != ja_JP.eucJP != ja_JP.ujis, there are many others,
especially among the Asian languages where the encoding formats have
either not been standardized or there is no widely accepted encoding.

creaky halls

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