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Re: I18n of Packages files

Marcin Owsiany <porridge@pandora.info.bielsko.pl> writes:

> I think one of the most important part of Debian system that is not i18ned
> is the packages descriptions. It is essential for the user to be able to
> choose the packages he/she needs.
> I suggest the following ($lang means two-letter language code):
>  - creating Description-$lang field
>  - creating control-$lang, containing only Package and Description-$lang
>    fields
>    rationale:
> 	putting several encodings in a single files makes editing harder
> 	some - editor(s) seem to mangle some characters

I would prefere this one. But with full description
control-lang_teritory.encoding (there may be differences for different
territories (Spain - Brasil, France - Belgium ...))

But you can have local description even now. Just change descriptions
in Packages file. It works, but it must be updated when Packages file
is updated. I did that with czech descriptions on czech debian mirror,
but it is not a real solution.

David Rohleder						davro@ics.muni.cz
Institute of Computer Science, Masaryk University
Brno, Czech Republic

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