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[Adam Di Carlo <adam@onshore.com>] summarizing i18n todo (was Re: [potato] last not i18ned part in bf and more)


Interested folks should join the debian-boot@lists.debian.org list.  

I really am ashamed and embarrased that we don't have i18n'd rescue
disks, or dbootstrap even, pretty much making a mockery of all the
hard work people have done translating the PO files and such.

Isn't there any hackers with knowledge and experience who can help
make this happen?

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My impression regarding base-config is that there are structure
problems to debconf in Potato that prevent proper i18n.

I would *really* prefer to leave all that aside right now and focus on
the key issues:

 (a) providing LANG_CHOOSER'ified dbootstrap

     - which flavors on i386 ?  all ?  Doesn't it require the fb stuff,
       thus that would mean we would enable this on compact and idepci

     - lets go for it and make LANG_CHOOSER part of the mainstream!

 (b) providing i18n'd syslinux stuff (i386 only)

     - I know some platforms have syslinux font issues which probably
       can't be solved by up -- but that's not a good reason to
       disable this functionality for all the other langs (most of
       which can probably use the default font?)

     - are we going to provide a different boot disk on i386, one for
       each language?  Or can we just provide a script users can run
       to replace the .txt files?

What else?
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