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man&groff from woody


Russian mans don't work under woody:
groff          1.15.3-2
man-db         2.3.17-1
When i make 'man <some_russian_man>' (for example rpm manpage from
woody)  it seems it doesn't give all russian symbols. When i make 
man -Tlatin1 it gives something like this:
/tmp/zmanHAaOK2:141: warning: can't find special character `wchard1c5'

Is it my fault or i should report it to maintainer of groff&man-db?


Peter Novodvorsky,
IPLabs Linux Team member:                  petya@logic.ru.
Linux.RU.NET Team member:  peter@linux.ru.net, listmaster@linux.ru.net.

-- System Information
Debian release: woody
System: Linux lambda 2.2.14 #1 Sun Jan 16 13:48:57 EST 2000 i586 unknown

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