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Re: multibyte character support on groff (Re:[fpolacco@debian.org: Installed groff 1.16-0 (source i386)])

From: Tomohiro KUBOTA <kubota@surfchem0.riken.go.jp>
Date: Fri, 23 Jun 2000 10:30:23 +0900
> > Then we need more and more work to support UTF-8 in groff-1.16.
> > I can say that current groff-1.16 implementation is not UTF-8 ready.
> > For example, see src/roff/troff/{token.h,input.cc}.  It uses
> > `unsigned char c;' to hold character. (and 'wchar wc;' in #ifdef NIPPON)
> UTF-8 is 32-bit because it is a variant of UCS-4.
> Though GNU libc-based system has 32-bit wchar_t, how about portability?

UTF-8 is *NOT* 32-bit!

> I found another problem that groff-1.16 never use hyphenation.
> (I tried 'LANG=en_US man ls' using groff_1.16-0 and groff_1.15.3-1.
> Of course I deleted /var/cache/man/cat1/ls.1.gz.)

Interesting. What has happened?

-- gotom

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