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Re: [Adam Di Carlo <adam@onshore.com>] Re: framebuffer

I heard recently that Hatta Shuzo <hattas@debian.or.jp> is working
on this framebuffer support in boot-floppies . He is one of long-waiting 
applicant for Debian member, but his carrer in developing package at 
Debian JP is much longer than me, and he is one of members who worked on 
boot-floppies-ja (customized boot-floppies for japanese) and bootable CD-ROM
for (at least) hamm-jp and slink-jp. So I think he can do something for 
Debian's boot-floppies.

In <oaogbrpag9.fsf@arroz.fake>,
 at Date: 16 Dec 1999 03:16:22 -0500,
  on Subject: [Adam Di Carlo <adam@onshore.com>] Re: framebuffer,
   Adam Di Carlo <adam@onshore.com> writes:

adam> Anyone likely to rise to this challenge?  It's gotta be done now or it
adam> probably won't make it into the freeze.

In <oawvqfpcve.fsf@arroz.fake>,
 at Date: 16 Dec 1999 02:24:05 -0500,
  on Subject: Re: framebuffer,
   Adam Di Carlo <adam@onshore.com> writes:

adam> It's all well and good to support the fbdev and all that.  However,
adam> unless there is a Debian-JP person actively hacking on boot-floppies
adam> to get the fb / bogl stuff up-to-date and working with Michael S. and
adam> getting this all working, it simply isn't going to happen.

Now he seems to get success to make root disk which has fb support using
jfbterm + jiskan16.pcf.gz. Maybe soon he will get success to read Japanese
messages using his floppies.

He wrote that he has concerned very much if the official kernel with 
vga16fb-support are provided, on debian-devel@JP list.

I hope that he can work with official boot-flopies team in debian-boot list,
in order to enable the support of fbdev.


  Taketoshi Sano: <sano@debian.org>,<sano@debian.or.jp>,<kgh12351@nifty.ne.jp>

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