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Re: Muilti-lingual boot procedure

Taketoshi Sano <xlj06203@nifty.ne.jp> writes:
> I am interested in this topic also. I have read on debian-boot
> that Adam Di Carlo maintains the CVS repository for translations
> of documents in boot-floppies, but I don't know if the dinstall
> in boot-floppies have the feature required for i18n & l10n installer.

I don't work on dbootstrap (the name of the installer program).

> I think that since the normal virtual console of Linux can not display
> Japanese text [...]
> Maybe the installer for potato does not afford to adopt those new scheme,
> but we require the multi-lingual or (at least) localized installer for
> the people who needs the support in their native language.

Yes.  For slink, we have a set of boot disks which is monolingual.
L10n'ers would have to cook their own for other languages.

>      Which is the better choice ? for support of various language in
>      installer of Debian  (installer messages, documents, ...)
>  a) provide the install CD which have the support for all required languages.
>  b) provide some install CDs, one for each required language support.

We need to distinguish between:

  * boot/root system (including dbootstrap)
  * base system (one base2_2.tgz has been installed)

Squeezing stuff into boot/root is difficult but perhaps possible.
Once base is installed, however, all stuff should be
fully i18n/l10n'd.

> NABETANI wrote he thinks that b) is better, and let the one CD in official
> CD-ROMs be the install CD for each language, and the rest be unified CDs.

(a) is theoretically better, IMHO, but we may or may not have space for it.

> I know that Debian JP project had worked to create our localized
> installer for Japanese people on hamm and slink. They are included
> in hamm-jp and slink-jp add-on packages. But we found that if we
> continue the separate work From Debian, it may be difficult to be
> adopted by Debian that the enhancement of the installer of Debian to
> support multi-language or at least localized installation. So we
> have decided to not release potato-jp, and currently we (Debian JP)
> do no work to create the localized installer for potato.  Some (at
> least one) members in JP project is now doing the translations for
> boot-floppies, and are waiting to be registered as the official
> member of Debian hoping to cooperate to make the multi-lingurized
> installer.

I applaud your effort to work directly with the debian-boot team.  We
do not require official Debian developership to be given
write-permissions on the boot-floppies CVS tree.  Anyone with time and
competency (knows CVS, etc) who wants to work on this should send my,
encrypted using my public key, a user/pass pair to use.

> (some members create another project to research the possibility of
> easy installation of Debian, and other members create one other
> project to provide the localized distribution based on Debian, but
> currently they are independent activity from Debian JP, and I think
> that JP project should not have the close relation with them, which
> is only my personal opinion currently,,,)

My sole interest is that we can go into freeze with a relatively
robust and feature-complete boot-floppies.  This seems less and less
likely, as there are only 3 or 4 people working on the boot-floppies.

.....Adam Di Carlo....adam@onShore.com.....<URL:http://www.onShore.com/>

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