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Re: Bug#38107: new patch for man-db japanese support (need help for other langs)

Fabrizio Polacco <fab@prosa.it> writes:

> To update the table, put a new line _before_ the one with the asterisc;
> put yor LANG value in the first column, the driver you use for groff
> (when you call man -t device ...) in the second, and the value of
> LESSCHARSET env var in the third.
> with that, if man selects to display a page under .../man/ja/man1/
> (which is driven by LANG), it will set the values in the corresponding
> line of the table, and 
> 	man foo
> should work as if you issued 
> 	LESSCHARSET=ja man -Tnippon foo
> The problem is: will this approach work also for other charsets, like
> latin2, greek, cyrillic or korean?
> Do they have a different groff driver?

There's no Korean driver, unfortunately.  No body has worked on the
Korean driver, AFAIK.  There's no problem to see a Korean manpages in
hanterm with LESSCHARSET=latin1; but we can't print Korean man pages.

But this solution looks good.  I believe it's applicable to Korean.
To apply this solution to Korean, Korean native driver should be made

Changwoo Ryu

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