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Re: including translated manpages in packages

On Aug 21, Rafael Caetano dos Santos <rcaetano@linux.ime.usp.br> wrote:
 >Clearly, many people don't want hundreds of foreign language manpages
 >installed.  But unfortunately our installation system doesn't handle
 >thinks like "profiles" or "environment variables", which could be used to
 >tell each installation script which language(s) will be used on the
 >system. Hopefully, this kind of thing will be included in dpkgV2, or at
A rm -rf of the appropriate trees after upgrades is a good workaround.

 >My (unofficial) proposal is roughly: if there are translated manpages for
 >a package, and a developer sends them to the mantainer, he must include
 >them in the package. 
I agree, but we should really try to pass them upstream.


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