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Re: Definition of language codes

Martin Schulze napsal:
>Pavel Makovec wrote:
>> Exactly. French in Canada and Switzerland would be fr_CA and fr_CH,
>> Czech in Slovakia ... cs_SK, Slovak in Czech Republic ... sk_CZ, etc.
>This would mean that one cannot use "slang" codes?

IMO, you can use "slang" codes instead of ISO codes
but that's unofficial and unsupported.

>For example, there are some common slangs in Germany:
>bavarian, schwaebisch, fraenkisch etc.  I wonder how one would encode

AFAIK, there is no support for a <dialect> in unix locales
even if slangs and dialects were standardized by ISO.

I think you would need to have something like this:

Best regards,
Pavel Makovec

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