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Re: Package translations...

On 20 Jan 1999, David Rohleder wrote:

> Eduardo Marcel Macan <macan@debian.org> writes:
> > 	What if we had different control files inside a package? we could
> > have things like  control control-pt_BR control-de and so on...
> > 	Just a thought to bring discussion up again...
> and what about a special directory ./descriptions and files
> pt_BR de cs_CZ inside this directory?

	This would be ideal, I think. But if we want it to be uniform, the
description should be taken out of the control file, and put into this
directory,the original description file should be named  "C" , 
maybe with a symlink pointin en_US -> C or something.

	Maybe having all translations as sections in a single file, so we
would not end up wasting I-nodes and disk space by having many small
translation files just for descriptions.

	Someone tell me please, where do the descriptions shown by dselect
come from? The Packages file? We will have to generate different localized
PAckages files too, right?

 > We are working on translating descriptions to
czech language. Hamm
is > almost finished and now we are starting to do slink. We need some
> method for including this descriptions to packages and generating file
> ex. Packages.$LANG. Modifications of dselect and dpkg methods to
> support $LANG would be helpful.
> > 
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