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Re: Install Manual, and thoughts on SGML stuff for translators

On 19 Jan 1999, Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> Hey, I wanted to make a connection between you two, Eduardo and Jose.
> Both have offered to do Portuguese translations, so I thought you two
> should work together.

	Help is always wanted :)

> Let me ramble for a second, just in case you're looking at translating
> the Install Manual.

	In fact I am working towards localization of the install disks
first, then gnome gtk and gimp. I have a first version of the translated
floppies ready for testing , but they are locked in my hard disk, my
computer's motherboeard "smoked".
> > First off, I'm still hacking up the Install Manual pretty deeply, so
> it might be best to wait until Feb 1 to start translating that, but I
> don't know translator workflow too well.

	Indeed, translating the install manual is the second step in my
list. We are setting up a WWW and FTP mirror of Debian, when we have the
WWW mirror up (J. Treacy asked us to hold up a little while they develop a
better method of mirroring Debian's web) I am going to start an effort to
translate the main sections first, and that includes the install manual.

 > > Second off there's a whole
issue of using debiandoc-sgml in
the > context of multilinguistic documents.  I guess, optimally, all the
> langauge specific stuff for the Install Manual and other docs are
> integrated in the upstream locations (i.e., cvs or whatever).
> I have some code which walks down SGML groves and can pick out
> structure and emit it.  I.e., you could basically emit a skeleton of
> an SGML document.  I don't know if this would be helpful or not; since
> it uses groves it can't capture entities or docuemnt preambles (i.e.,
> SGML features which might be used in language-independant ways).
> Still, the document could be postprocessed to capture these.
> Basically, the whole point is to make life easier for translators.  Is
> multi-linguistic SGML, integrated in upstream sources, the way to go?
> If so, how does debiandoc-sgml have to be modified to support
> multi-linguistic documents?  What infrastructure can we put in place
> to help translators start translations?  What infrastructure can we
> put in place to help translators keep translations up to date
> (synopticism)?  I'd like the perspective of actual translators.  I.e.,
> I'm just an SGML geek, uni-linguistic (well, some German).

	I would be glad to help, but I know as much SGML as I know greek.
I've been trying to find the time to learn it, but it looks like it
demands a lot of attention at first. If you help me with SGML I will be
very glad to help you with my point of views.

> Note: there was a conversation about this on debian-doc in December, I
> think.  You might be interested to check the archives.
> Please CC me on any replies, as I'm not on this list.

	I will check it out.

	By the way, the most critical aspect of Debian
internationalization seems to be the package descriptions. From what I saw
it should have been thought when the deb format was created. Finding a
solution nowadays looks like a tough job.

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