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How do I control the language used by gtk ?


In order to be able to use the fontset and the capability to automatic
switch between Romaji/Japanese I have done these:

1. Added to my .bashrc and .bashrc_profile the line:

	export LANG=ja_JP.ujis

2. added:

	gtk_set_locale ();
   before anything else in my main function.

3. created a rc file which is loaded and parsed at start time. (rc file
is attached)

Everything is OK with the fontset but I have a problem now: the gtk load
file dialog is displayed now with Japanese text. How do I force it to
use English text ? How do I prevent other applications using Japanese
for messages, etc. ? How do I set locale at running time ?
setlocale(LC_ALL,"ja_JP.ujis") doesn't work correctly :-(



PS: my system is Debian Potato with gtk 1.1.11.
style "default"

# it seem require to put `*' before class name...
widget_class "*GtkLabel" style "default"
widget_class "*GtkButton" style "default"

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