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Re: Locale names for glibc

On Tue, 3 Nov 1998, Petr Kolar wrote:

>    There is the question how to set locale's environment variables. If you
> use short form (cs, fr, de, ...) the glibc locale files from cs_CZ, fr_FR, 
> etc. will be ignored. If you use longer form (cs_CZ, fr_FR, de_DE), the 
> locales are taken from xx_XX directories and when they are not there, they 
> are taken from xx directories. But then there is problem with man pages and
> X resources, which are at least in some Linux distributions expected in 
> /usr/man/xx/. Or should they be in /usr/man/xx_XX?

I have LANG=es_ES in my environment, and I don't have any problem with
man. The man program looks for manpages in /usr/man/es.

I don't know about X resources.

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