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Setting up a user friendly double-byte environment for JA / KO / ZH users...


Sorry first of all for writing in English.  I do not speak / read /
write japanese.

I work as an Inernational Websites Engineer for Netscape.  I have been
running a Debian box (2.1 aka slink) to provide unix infrastructure (web
servers, CVS, NFS and vi / emacs) for the various content specialists in
my group.  I have had no problems in setting up the infrastructure for
single byte character sets.  I want to set up a really simple to use
environment for the content specialists to log into my machine and edit
double byte documents.

Here is what a content specialists typically does -

1. Log into my machine using eXceed's xdm-broadcast method.  I am
running XDM on my machine.

2. They open an xterm window (tcsh shell) and check out the web pages
from CVS.

3. I want to provide a way for them to view and edit double byte
documents (HTML files).  the problem is this editor / viewing
environment should be really user-friendly.  How do I set this up?

4. They view the changes they made via a web server which points its
document root to their home directory.

5. They check in their changes into CVS.

As you see from the above, content specialists are not very unix savvy. 
But they are quick learners and like the fact that they are learning to
work on unix.

Here are my questions -

* What packages do I need to download and install?

* What are the environment variables I need to set to enable a double
byte environement for the users?

* The content specialists will be working on content encoded in
Shift-JIS (for japanese) and EUC-KR (for Koren).  What are good editors
/ viewers for editing / viewing content in this encoding.  I prefer a
GUI editor but am willing to consider xemacs if that is the only one

* Do I also have to set up their locale for them?

* The content specialists currently transfer their files to a WinDOS
machine and make the editing there.  Are the key-strokes to create
double byte characters the same between windows and linux?

* Do the users need to have special fonts installed on their eXceed
clients to properly display double byte characters?  Where can I
download / buy these fonts.

I am sorry for asking this many questions.  I really want to provide a
great work environement for the people who use my machine.

Please copy me (thaths@netscape.com) on your replies.  I do not
subscribe to the debian-i18n or debian-users-ctl mailing lists.

Thank you very much.

"No, I can't.  This is my cause.  I'm like the man who singlehandedly
built the rocket and went to the moon.  What was his name?  Apollo
                   Creed?" -- Homer J. Simpson
Sudhakar C13n   http://people.netscape.com/thaths/   Indentured Slave

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