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Re: Keyboard Policy

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On Wed, Sep 23, 1998 at 01:02:18PM +0200, Rainer Dorsch wrote:
> After upgrading from 1.3 to 2.0 my system decided to ignore <-- in an
> xterm, netscape, but work on the console, emacs, etc.

Do you have Xkb enabled? The implementation of the keyboard policy for X
only works for Xkb.

>       `<--' generates KB_Backspace in X.
>       `Delete' generates KB_Delete in X.
> KB_Backspace, what is this?

An X keyboard event name (or something like it); check with "xev".

> That is all for me. The policy is not understandable for non-experts 

While it would be nice if it were, this isn't exactly a requirement; it is
meant for the developers who have to implement it.

> and the system is not working as it should.

This may be a result of not switching to updated configuration files as
supplied by the maintainer; I'd look into xbase's configuration files, and
in /etc/X11/XF86Config (which may have "XKbdDisable" in it).

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