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Re: boot-floppies i18n

1) I am new in this list.
2) Can you tell me what this translation of the boot-floppies is all about ?
3) Are there more specific instructions / guidnece for the people who do the 
translation ? Is there a package that creates the boot-floppies or does one 
have to assemble the floppies from a more fundamental building blocks ? Does 
this task requires creating a new set of boot-floppies or is it only requires 
putting some new files instead of existing ones ? Is it for Slink ? Hamm ? 
something else ?
4) I am thinking about Hebrew. Does somebody doing it ? Is it possible ?
Are there any specific instructions / guidnece for translating to Hebrew ?

Please note that I am only checking my ability to do such a thing.

BTW: Where is i18n (the i18n in debian-i18n) coming from ?

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