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Re: fixing backspace and delete

On 22 Apr, Philip Hands wrote:
>> 	Maybe pico can be fixed with an expect wrapper script?
> This works for me:
> -------
> #!/usr/bin/expect
> eval spawn -noecho $argv
> interact {
>  \177        {send "\008"}
>  "\033\[3~"  {send "\004"}
> }
> -------
> This needs to be reported as a bug in pico (I don't use it, so one of you 
> should do it, if it's not already reported)

Great, the expect-wrapper is definetely a powerful tool. 
	Yesterday I (briefly) fiddled with xterm/joe/pico/pine, and rxvt.
I found that the latter gave me problems. Does rxvt work as intended on
your system?
	I guess all termcap/terminfo entries have to be modified, at
least on my system there are not in accordance with the default

Regards, Anne

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