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Re: new kbd manual

On Sep 21, Christian Schwarz <schwarz@monet.m.isar.de> wrote:

 >I used the M4 macros to create the keytables (I have a German kbd). Then I
I will try to release an usable version of the macros in some days (but don't
hold your breath!).

 >This made everything work quite well on the console! (I've tested bash,
 >vim, git.)
Please add also:

"\e[5~": backward-word
"\e[6~": forward-word

(maybe in an $if bash)

 >BTW, I noticed that it's sometimes useful to test with "cat". I start it
Or ^V.

 >Regarding the Xterm problems: I currently see two possibilities: we can
 >either fix the termcap entry to apply to xterm's key sequences or we
 >change xterm's behaviour by modified its app-defaults file. 
We should do the latter. We can't expect that all xterm termcap
entries on the net are like the debian one. If we can make all works
just by changing the resources we should do that.

 >One other thing regarding the M4 macros: I think we should rewrite
 >everything in Perl. This would make the input files much more flexible.

 >For example, I'm think about a global /etc/kbd.conf file which contains
 >the sysadmins preferences, e.g. switched Ctrl/Capslock, etc. Such a file
This is already in the draft. The configuration program will just have
to parse the definitions.
Writing a working macro language (because this is what we need) is a lot of
work, if you don't like m4 then propose another macro processor.

 >The perl script could be used to create keytables, inputrc, and similar
 >files and check for existing cfg, etc.
You can create all those thing from the configuration program, there is no
need to write a full macro language.

 >The question is how we should proceed. I'm thinking if we should set up a
 >new package which contains everything needed. The package will probably be
Having a package that modifies other packages configurations is not easy,
IMHO it's simpler to ask maintainers to merge our work, and then send it

I will read your manual ASAP.


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