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Re: enabling link time optimizations in package builds

Hi Matthias,

* Matthias Klose <doko@debian.org> [2022-06-17 10:18]:
The proposal is to turn on LTO by default on most 64bit release architectures. Not proposing to do this on 32bit architectures because of the limited address space at link time, and up to now nobody tested LTO on 32bit archs. In test rebuilds, there were 373 packages (dd-list in the wiki page) found not to build with link time optimizations for various reasons. These range from easily fixable issues in symbols files to some upstream issues. The idea is to fix as many of these as possible, and then change the packaging for the others to just turn off LTO in the package build.

In one of my packages, turning on LTO did not fail the build, but
exposed a dormant static initialization bug, as LTO apparently
messes with the initialization order [1]. I'd expect more bugs of
this kind to come up once LTO is enabled by default.


[1] https://github.com/isl-org/Open3D/issues/4747

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