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Runit bugs on Hurd

Hello everyone,

I would like to draw people's attention here to the hurd specific bug

There has been a long standing open issue on darnassus about runit

The runit source code has not changed much for many years now, and I wonder if
the two issues are related.
I don't know what is this "signals don't interrupt select known bug" mentioned
int the wiki. Are there any pointers to this?
Is it a porting issue, or an issue on the hurd side?

The trace published on the wiki points to the iopause from DJB libs call in
the runsv program. iopause calls poll, and there seems to be some issues
regarding the behaviour of poll in some kernels and what iopause expects
See also comments in the source code

Are there known issues of different parts of DJB libs working in the hurd?


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