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Re: System hangs on 'reboot'.


guy fleury iteriteka, le mar. 03 mai 2022 16:34:29 +0200, a ecrit:
> > What is the diffrence between this 'reboot-hurd' and regular 'reboot' ?
> I'm not sure but I think reboot-hurd ensure that core servers like ext2fs sync
> their buffers before shutdown.
> Samuel is that correct?

reboot actually eventually does the same as reboot-hurd, so there is no
difference in that concern.

The difference is that reboot first tries to shutdown running processes.
If that hangs that should be investigated to make it work.

Put another way: reboot-hurd is quite harder on rebooting immediately,
it only takes care of syncing the disk, without telling processes
themselves to write their data.

The consequence is also that removed-but-still-mapped files (e.g. after
a library upgrade) won't be suppressed until next fsck, see


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