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Bug#1008208: glib2.0,hurd: GLib fam/gamin support will be removed in approximately 6 months

Source: glib2.0,hurd
Severity: normal
Tags: sid bookworm
X-Debbugs-Cc: debian-hurd@lists.debian.org

As a result of gamin being unmaintained upstream (see #1008205), a branch
was recently merged for GLib 2.73.x that will remove GLib's fam-based
GFileMonitor backend. This means that in the next GNOME release cycle,
which should reach Debian in approximately 6 months, there will be no
GLocalFileMonitor backend suitable for use on Hurd, unless Hurd developers
take action before then.

One option would be for Hurd developers to add a GLocalFileMonitor
backend to GLib upstream, alongside the GInotifyFileMonitor (for Linux)
and the GKqueueFileMonitor (for FreeBSD and kFreeBSD).

Another option would be for Hurd developers to create and maintain
an out-of-tree GLocalFileMonitor backend (a GIO module that implements
src:gvfs and src:glib-networking that implement various other extension
points), which could do whatever Hurd-specific things are desired.

I do not intend to work on this myself, and I do not intend to merge
significant features into src:glib2.0 as Debian-specific patches.


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