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Re: Troubles with updating Debian Hurd

I've done some debugging of the sudo / PAM issue, here's where I'm at:

Thread 4 hit Breakpoint 4, __dlopen (file=0x100169e0
"/lib/i386-gnu/security/pam_unix.so", mode=2) at dlopen.c:75
75      in dlopen.c
(gdb) finish
Run till exit from #0  __dlopen (file=0x100169e0
"/lib/i386-gnu/security/pam_unix.so", mode=2) at dlopen.c:75
warning: Temporarily disabling breakpoints for unloaded shared library
0x017fed7a in ?? () from /lib/i386-gnu/libpam.so.0
Value returned is $1 = (void *) 0x0
(gdb) p dlerror()
$2 = 0x100184f0 "/usr/lib/i386-gnu/libkrb5.so.3: undefined symbol:
krb5int_c_combine_keys, version k5crypto_3_MIT"

$ nm -D /usr/lib/i386-gnu/libkrb5.so.3 | grep krb5int_c_combine_keys
         U krb5int_c_combine_keys@k5crypto_3_MIT
$ nm -D /usr/lib/i386-gnu/libk5crypto.so | grep krb5int_c_
00019c00 T krb5int_c_copy_keyblock@@k5crypto_3_MIT
00019b80 T krb5int_c_copy_keyblock_contents@@k5crypto_3_MIT
00017300 T krb5int_c_deprecated_enctype@@k5crypto_3_MIT
00019b50 T krb5int_c_free_keyblock@@k5crypto_3_MIT
00019b00 T krb5int_c_free_keyblock_contents@@k5crypto_3_MIT
00019a50 T krb5int_c_init_keyblock@@k5crypto_3_MIT
0001a700 T krb5int_c_mandatory_cksumtype@@k5crypto_3_MIT
000172a0 T krb5int_c_weak_enctype@@k5crypto_3_MIT

(As always, sorry in advance for Gmail forcefully wrapping those lines :( )

Does that ring any bells by any chance?


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