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Netsurf build failure: mach/clock.h missing

Hello everyone,

I was looking at what graphical browsers are working with the hurd. I don't know
what are people's experience, but I have found that Dillo works reliably at what
it does, but it is a somewhat limited browser. I also tried Surf as a modern
fully feature browser but with few bells ans whistles, and although it is able
to load perhaps a first page, I found it crashes very often (might be Surf
itself or something in lower down the stack).

I thought that Netsurf could be something that could work well. It is however
failing to build on the hurd at the moment with the error:

> src/time.c:25:10: fatal error: mach/clock.h: No such file or directory


Is this something easy to fix and patch?
If this is a result from a recent change, would there be other packages in the
repository affected by the same problem?


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