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Re: Bug#964248: base-installer: Pass "--extra-suites=unreleased" to debootstrap on ports arches


jhcha54008, le mar. 28 juil. 2020 12:44:42 +0200, a ecrit:
> Shipping all packages in the 'unstable' archive on the install CD
> is handy : this spares debootstrap the bother to merge the 'unstable'
> and 'unreleased' archives (with some pitfalls [1]).

Yes, I know, but it means that something has to merge the packages etc.
ATM I'm doing it through gross scripts for building hurd CD images, but
that's not really sustainable.

> Option --extra-suites=unreleased is not very useful in this case.

It is when we do not have several versions of the same package, which is
the case for various packages for various ports.

> I understand that you created an empty Packages file in the 'unreleased'
> distribution on the CD. This should work as well, and comes with the extra
> benefit of making the contents of install CD suitable to set up a
> local mirror (without any further change except passing option 
> debian-installer/allow_unauthenticated to debootstrap).

Yes, my idea was to keep things the same way, so installations from
netboot, netinst, CD, local mirror would work the same, and we avoid
seeing installability issues in one of the cases and not the others.


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