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Re: Hurd UX testing

On 4/07/20 11:02 pm, Samuel Thibault wrote:
> Hello,
> Amos Jeffries, le sam. 04 juil. 2020 07:23:43 +1200, a ecrit:
>>   Synaptic Menu: Settings->Repositories
>>   Click "New" button
>> Type:          deb
>> URI:           [arch=hurd-i386] http://deb.debian.org/debian-ports/
>> Distribution:  unstable
>> Sections(s):   main
> I'm *really* wondering: how did you end up thinking this could work?

TBH, I was not expecting it to. Synaptic surprised me.

> Is this documented anywhere (that would really need to be erased)?

The values are documented for use with dpkg and apt command line
arguments preparing for Hurd cross-compile. And no that info should not
be removed cross-compile is a real use-case.

>  I'd
> even tend to think that it's an important bug of synaptic: it should
> *not* let the user think that packages for completely different
> ports will work at all.

No worries. There is nothing specifically to indicate that the dpkg arch
arguments work. They are pruned off the displayed string later and
cannot be changed after the entry is added to sources.list.

> For a different architecture, you'd need the
> corresponding qemu-user simulator (yes, virtual machinery). For a
> different *kernel*, there is simply no support and I doubt there will
> ever be. Even the i386->amd64 cross-upgrade is not really supported, so
> even less cross-kernel upgrades...

I am expecting a dual-boot system to be valid for two ports with the
same CPU arch.

> I'm sorry, but really I don't think this package approach will ever
> work, since it's not even working for i386->amd64.

I am still optimistic that multi-arch can work for applications, not
just libraries.

TBH, I was not expecting it to get as far as it did.

Thanks for the reply,


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