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Bid Writing Workshops and New Training Courses


Bid Writing Workshops and New Training Courses for Charities, Schools and 
Public Sector Organisations.

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BID WRITING: THE BASICS   Start 09.00  Finish 11.30  Cost £95

Do you know the most common reasons for rejection? Are you gathering the right 
evidence? Are you making the right arguments? Are you using the right 
terminology? Are your numbers right? Are you learning from rejections? Are you 
assembling the right documents? Do you know how to create a clear and concise 
standard funding bid? Are you communicating with people or just excluding them? 
Do you know your own organisation well enough? Are you thinking through your 
projects carefully enough? Do you know enough about your competitors? Are you 
answering the questions funders will ask themselves about your application? Are 
you submitting applications correctly?

BID WRITING: ADVANCED   Start 12.00  Finish 14.30  Cost £95

Are you applying to the right trusts? Are you applying to enough trusts? Are you 
asking for the right amount of money? Are you applying in the right ways? Are 
your projects the most fundable projects? Are you carrying out trust fundraising 
in a professional way? Are you delegating enough work? Are you highly productive 
or just very busy? Are you looking for trusts in all the right places? How do 
you compare with your competitors for funding? Is the rest of your fundraising 
hampering your bids to trusts? Do you understand what trusts are ideally looking 


LONDON  VAI, 200A Pentonville Road, Kings Cross, London N1 9JP
16 Mar 2020 - 23 Mar 2020

SOUTHAMPTON   Jurys Inn, Charlotte Place, Southampton SO14 0TB
17 Mar 2020

BRISTOL  The Waterfront Meeting Rooms, Welsh Back, Bristol BS1 4SB
18 Mar 2020

EDINBURGH  Courtyard, 1-3 Baxter's Place, Edinburgh EH1 3AF
19 Mar 2020

NEWCASTLE  Jurys Inn, Scotswood Road, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 4AD
20 Mar 2020

NOTTINGHAM  Jurys Inn, Station Street, Nottingham NG2 3BJ
24 Mar 2020

BIRMINGHAM  Jurys Inn, 245 Broad Street, Birmingham B1 2HQ
25 Mar 2020

MANCHESTER  Jurys Inn, 56 Great Bridgewater Street, Manchester M1 5LE
23 Jan 2020 - 26 Mar 2020

LEEDS Jurys Inn, Brewery Wharf, Brewery Place, Leeds LS10 1NE 
24 Jan 2020 - 27 Mar 2020

BID WRITING: INTERACTIVE   Start 10.00  Finish 16.00  Cost £295/£345 

Here is how the day works. You bring 11 copies of your standard funding bid or a 
recent bid. Print them out triple spaced in Arial 16 point font. We will provide 
a big table, pens, a trainer and up to 9 other attendees. We will all review 
your bid. Word by word. Line by line. We will test out your jargon and your 
acronyms to see how well understood they really are. We will ask “What are you 
actually trying to say here?”. Once your bid is revised you will have the chance 
to review up to 9 other bids to learn from other people’s bids and how they go 
about things. By the end of the day you should have a better written, clearer, 
more effective bid than you arrived with. If it is perfect already then at least 
you will have had that confirmed by up to 10 other people. We will send you a 
questionnaire in advance about your trust and foundation fundraising statistics 
and strategy. We will all then review that strategy to see how you are doing 
now, what you should be aiming to achieve in the future and the practical steps 
to bring that about. Finally we will review your organisation as a whole. What 
aspects should you be telling more people more about. What aspects should you be 
trying to improve in the years ahead to increase your success rate with trusts 
and foundations.

LONDON  VAI, 200A Pentonville Road, Kings Cross, London N1 9JP  
13 Mar 2020

RECRUITMENT: THE BASICS   Start 10.00  Finish 16.00  Cost £295/£345

A step by step introduction to all the most important things to consider when 
recruiting new staff. Writing job descriptions. Writing candidate 
specifications. Writing job adverts. Where to advertise. Using a recruitment 
agency. Selecting candidates to interview. Interview questions. Interview 
styles. Final selection. Contracts of employment. Inductions for new staff. 
Payroll and expenses. An overview of employment legislation. Employment record 
keeping. Attracting the best staff through improving your public profile.

LONDON  VAI, 200A Pentonville Road, Kings Cross, London N1 9JP  
09 Mar 2020

PURCHASING: THE BASICS   Start 10.00  Finish 16.00  Cost £295/£345

How to buy cheaper. How to buy better. How to buy smarter. How to shop around. 
How to negotiate. How to motivate suppliers. How to improve relationships with 
existing suppliers. How to encourage new suppliers. Reducing IT, broadband and 
telephone costs. Reducing energy costs. Saving on premises costs. Saving on 
staff costs. Top tips for saving money on business travel and accommodation. How 
to reshape your organisation into a lower cost operation.

LONDON  VAI, 200A Pentonville Road, Kings Cross, London N1 9JP
10 Mar 2020

COACHING: THE BASICS   Start 10.00  Finish 16.00  Cost £295/£345

What is coaching? What is mentoring? What is the difference between the two? 
Coaching styles. Listening. Goal setting. Follow up. Feedback. Coaching 
sessions. The benefits of coaching. Avoiding the pitfalls of coaching. Ensuring 
objectivity. Asking questions. Being challenging. Being truthful. Developing 
people skills. Evaluation.

LONDON  VAI, 200A Pentonville Road, Kings Cross, London N1 9JP
11 Mar 2020

TRAINING FOR TRAINERS: THE BASICS   Start 10.00  Finish 16.00  Cost £295/£345

Assessing training needs. Venues considerations. Room layouts. Presentation 
styles. What not to do. How to turn people who don’t want to learn into people 
who do. How to make people relax. How serious to be. How funny to be. How to 
gauge attention spans. When to invite questions. How to invite questions. How to 
handle unhappy delegates. How to invite attendees from other organisations. 
Accelerated Learning - What is it? Does it work? How to do it? Learning from 
mistakes. Learning from feedback. Making your next course better.

LONDON  VAI, 200A Pentonville Road, Kings Cross, London N1 9JP
12 Mar 2020

NFP WORKSHOPS, 18 Blake Street, York YO1 8QG

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