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Re: Bug#946178: mercurial: FTBFS on hurd-i386: Testsuite failures


Am Mittwoch, den 04.12.2019, 23:26 +0100 schrieb Samuel Thibault:
> Paul Sonnenschein, le mer. 04 déc. 2019 21:45:14 +0100, a ecrit:
> > The test-http-bad-server.t fails due to an unexpected behaviour of
> > local sockets in the Hurd. This seems to be a bug in the Hurd
> > itself
> > (pflocal specifically), being in violation of the POSIX
> > specification
> > Issue 6 and newer.
> Which violation is happening here?

According to POSIX, both read and recv shall set errno to ECONNRESET if
"[a] read was attempted on a socket and the connection was forcibly
closed by its peer." As far as I can tell, pflocal will never return

After further study however, I do no longer believe that this is the
reason of the observed test failure, since connect already should fail.

I now have no idea why this test is failing.


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