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Request for kFreeBSD (and Hurd) porters

Hi all,
Cc: debian-devel

The Debian GNU/kFreeBSD port recently obtained a buildd building
packages for the sid distribution, kamp. Thank you very much for your
effort making this happening jrtc27 :) The buildd is now soon up-to-
date building packages being outdated. As you know GNU/Hurd packages
are also built for sid, having two buildds: ironforge and mahler.

Now is the time to submit patches for failing packages. In the
beginning this will be low hanging fruit, like patches not applying for
glibc, a line missing one entry in the symbols file for mpfr4, etc.

GNU/kFreeBSD and GNU/Hurd share many common interests. Mainly most of
the build-related problems are due to non-portable software, i.e. Linux
only designs. Please help us out by submitting bugs with patches to
submit@debian.org to make kFreeBSD a first class citizen too, in
addition to GNU/Hurd.


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