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To Be the Member of the Editorial Board or Reviewer Team

Dear Scholars,
We publish peer-reviewed academic journals devoted to promoting the development of science and technology. Now we sincerely invite scholars and researchers to submit papers to the journals or to join us as one of the editorial board members/reviewers.
Submit Your New Manuscripts
If you have burst out some new ideas in your specialized or interested field, you are welcomed to submit your papers to the corresponding Journals or Special Issues so as to share your ideas with people around the world.
Apply for the Editorial Member/Reviewer
To expand the editorial board and reviewer group, we sincerely invite you to be the editorial member or reviewer of our journals. If you are searching for more details of the Benefits and Responsibilities of the editorial member or reviewer, please feel free to click the following link: http://www.journalofcancer.org/journals
  1. Nanoscience and Nanometrology
  2. Humanities and Social Sciences
  3. American Journal of Applied Scientific Research
  4. International Journal of Applied Agricultural Sciences
  5. Journal of Food and Nutrition Sciences
  6. Earth Sciences
  7. Journal of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  8. Journal of Human Resource Management
Journals' Features
Article Publication in 60 Days
Fast publication motivates scientists to have more discoveries and innovation, which accelerates research pace. Papers submitted to our journals can be published within 60 days from submission provided that the paper is of good quality and the authors' response is prompt.
Indexing Database
The majority of journals in our platform have been indexed by ResearchBib, Polish Scholarly Bibliography, Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin, CNKI, JournalSeek, Electronic Journals Library (EJL), WorldCat, CrossRef, Zeitschriftendatenbank, EZB, Academickeys, etc.

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