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Re: Bug#887678: hurd: please split out Build-Depends-Arch


Aaron M. Ucko, on jeu. 18 janv. 2018 20:47:25 -0500, wrote:
> The latest upload of hurd was fully source-only

Ah, yes, that's probably the first time I do this.

> and wound up leaving the -doc package unbuilt with the error
>   hurd build-depends on missing:
>   - mig:amd64 (>= 1.4-3~)
> Is mig (available only on *i386) necessary to have when building only
> documentation?  If not, please split it out into a separate
> Build-Depends-Arch field, along with anything else needed only when
> building the main architecture-dependent binary package.

Can somebody have a look?

Again, this is the kind of thing which is not complex, and helping with
it saves me time that I can spend on other stuff.


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