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Re: How to identify "running on a Hurd system"?

El 25/08/17 a les 13:23, Samuel Thibault ha escrit:
> Narcis Garcia, on ven. 25 août 2017 12:07:18 +0200, wrote:
>> El 25/08/17 a les 08:47, AlexLikeRock ha escrit:
>>> GNU+SUN 
>>> GNU+ minix
>>> GNU+.... More
>>> I mean that, in the case of Hurd, it is of gnu, need not be specified the kernel.
>>> Its own 
>> Do you mean all non-Hurd distributions also aren't GNU, same as Android?
> They are partly GNU, in that they only use userland GNU things.
> Only GNU/Hurd is completely GNU.
> Samuel

1. You are confirming GNU is an operating system, and Hurd is a GNU
element: Hurd is not whole GNU.
2. Words as "Hurd" or "Match" are more specific terms than "GNU".
3. GNU is not a kernel

$ uname -s
Should not return "GNU"

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