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1 Ano Novamed Lapa! Bradesco Saúde Referenciados Favoritos. Failure: g-i-installation_debian_sid_daily_hurd_lxde/352 GCC 7 build failures on armel, i386-gnu and kfreebsd-* Hurd's fakeroot seems to break dpkg 1.18.24 testsuite Still Failing: g-i-installation_debian_sid_daily_hurd_lxde/349 Still Failing: g-i-installation_debian_sid_daily_hurd_lxde/350 Still Failing: g-i-installation_debian_sid_daily_hurd_lxde/353 Still Failing: g-i-installation_debian_sid_daily_hurd_lxde/354 Still Failing: g-i-installation_debian_sid_daily_hurd_lxde/355 Still Failing: g-i-installation_debian_sid_daily_hurd_lxde/356 Still Failing: g-i-installation_debian_sid_daily_hurd_lxde/357 Still Failing: g-i-installation_debian_sid_daily_hurd_lxde/358 Still Failing: g-i-installation_debian_sid_daily_hurd_lxde/359 Still Failing: g-i-installation_debian_sid_daily_hurd_lxde/360 Still Failing: g-i-installation_debian_sid_daily_hurd_lxde/361 Still Failing: g-i-installation_debian_sid_daily_hurd_lxde/362 The last update was on 05:46 GMT Sun Jun 09. There are 17 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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