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Re: gnumach memory attributes

On Sun, Nov 20, 2016 at 01:09:08PM +0100, Luca dariz wrote:
> Maybe the translation should be done by the pager?
> For example, the default pager would deny such requests, while there
> could be an "io pager" which handles only contiguous memory objects and
> perform the translation.

We don't want pagers, privileged or not, to mess with page tables. These
are the responsibility of the kernel.

> The main reason of this distinction is that sometimes on rump drivers
> the buffer used for I/O is not allocated from contiguous memory.

Which is fine. You're not dealing with just contiguous memory here, you
want to handle any device memory.

> Ok, so memory mapped I/O would work for user-space drivers.
> I still have to figure out how this "io pager" should be implemented.
> Should it be driver-specific? Or should it ask the specific driver to
> fill a specific memory page on demand?

It should probably driver-specific, but unless you can cite one example
where the memory object pattern doesn't fit, I don't think we need a
new RPC. What drivers need to do is request specific physical memory
to insert into memory objects, with special properties (uncacheable,
wired, etc...), that can then be mapped by users.

Richard Braun

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